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data in the united states. as well, concerns about jpmorgan. jamie dimon will have to explain himself in front of congress. the senate banking committee is calling on the jpmorgan chase chairman and ceo to testify next month on the company's big trading losses, now valued at possibly as high as $5 billion. the company has lost some $30 billion in market value in a week. >>> it looks like the possibility of additional economic stimulus by the federal reserve could be growing. the fed's open market committee releasing the minutes from the april meeting this week. more members of the fmoc now say they are open to additional quantitative easing should the economy falter further. >>> retail sales up in april. weak clothing and building material sales helping keep that number low. >>> facebook flies, the market tumbles. what happens if greece leaves the euro? a busy week and joining us to help explain what it means, richard bernstein, ceo of bernstein advisers. good to see you again. let's talk facebook. big day on friday, obviously. the company going public in a highly anticipated offering
with karzai and they signed what they're calling a strategic agreement on what the united states relationship is going to look like after troops start to pull out in 2014. here's what the president said about that agreement. >> we came with a very clear mission. we came to destroy al qaeda. and we have enormous respect for afghan sovereignty and the dignity of the afghan people. we're committed to replacing war with peace. >> about an hour later, the president then is a dressed troops at bagram air force base. what was interesting here is how blunt the president was about what military operations are going to look like in afghanistan over the next few years. >> some your buddies are going to get injured. and some of your buddies may get killed. and there's going to be heartbreak and pain and difficulty ahead. but there's a light on the horizon. >> now, what this is is an agreement to forge an agreement. that agreement is this, it's going to be both economic, aide as well as some sort of security force that's going to be in the country over the next ten years. now, what with does that force lo
the united states abroad, then you might want to consider becoming a diplomat. lauren looks into what a diplomat does and what it takes to become one. >> let's start with a quick american history question. >> the department of state. >> correct. while usually called the state department, the official name is the united states department of state. it was established all the way back in 1789. with headquarters in washington, d.c., the state department is headed by the secretary of state, currently hillary clinton. its job is to oversee all our foreign relations. in fact, listen to how the state department describes its mission. that's quite a task. and to help the state department achieve those goals is the job of the u.s. foreign service. >> what we want to do is, we want to promote america's interests. we want to promote peace. we want to promote understanding. we want to make sure people around the world know what america is all about. >> assistant secretary hammer explained that foreign service officers are also called diplomats. they're assigned to work at one of the more than 250
, and the united states markets to follow suit. although there has been considerable expectation as we've watched the story unfold in france that it would lead to this result, and cast some cloud over the efforts to inact austerity measures. >> these measures are being driven largely by the americans. is this creating a ripple across europe? >> reporter: you are seeing a pushback against that, you're seeing it in the united states kingdom as well who is in a recession. in the united states we've seen a slight diminution of the republican zeal for public cuts. and you can expect democrats and president obama to go hard after them in the election on medicare and social security. the republican point of view, they've got to hope that the anti-incumbent message sent to sarkozy will be repeated in november. >>> let's talk about this country, exactly six months until our election day. this weekend, president obama officially kicked off his campaign, with rallies in a pair of swing states. though a lot of folks are quick to point out what sure has looked like campaigning from the president for months no
was actually an informant cooperating with intelligence services friendly to the united states. this case has raised a lot of issues all over again about our airline security, about how strong al qaeda still is these days, and about how many more of these could be out there. it's where we begin tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, good evening. >> by all accounts, this is a remarkable success for the intelligence agencies of the united states and its allies, they managed to insert a critical informant into the very heart of the terror group that's considered the number one threat to the united states. al qaeda's offshoot in yemen. administration and intelligence officials say by t time this most recent plot was in its final planning stages, the u.s. and its allies were able to follow it in detail. but the terrorists in yemen did not know at the time these officials say is that the person they chose to be the suicide bomber was actually an informant. someone who agreed to cooperate with an allied intelligence service. members of congress declin
a fund-raising meeting of sorts, where the united states is going to be asking other countries, other member nations of nato to help contribute to the cost of securing afghanistan after 2014. it's going to cost upwards of $4 billion a year. and of course, u.s. officials don't want all of that to come out of u.s. taxpayer dollars. >> all right, chuck todd, thanks very much. let's bring in david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> these supports, the g-8 and nato conference, it's all about the president trying to get world leaders on the same page, in the first case about the euro debt crisis, the second case of nato on afghanistan. how important is it for the president, and has he found consensus on any of these issues? >> well, it's still very difficult going, i think, as you deal with europe in particular. and the fact that the same debate they're having there is what we're going to have in the united states, which is how do you make the economy grow better? do you slash the budget in order to get growth or not? and a lot
decide who the president of the united states will be. >> and savannah, a little bit of history. veterans picked bill clinton over george w.h. bush and george bush over john kerry, who served in vietnam. this will be the first election since world war ii is which neither candidate is a veteran. >> thank you. >>> around the rest of the country, parades and tributes to the country's fallen service men and women this memorial day. that was the case in downer's grove, illinois, and c's kevin tibbles was there. >> on main streets in small towns and big cities, they marched. in honor of those who have served, in remembrnls of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> and lining the sidewalks, those old enough to remember and those who are not. for them, today is a day of learning. >> i think it's very important to impress upon them the sacrifices that other people make for the freedoms and the privileges that we enjoy here in the united states. >> it's important to know your history. >> in the nation's capital, the president paid tribute otthe toumb of the unknown soldier. in mt. vernon, new yo
stop them if he wanted. after months of threats, the united states today ordered syria's top diplomat expelled. >> he is no longer welcome in the united states. >> reporter: and germany, britain, france, spain, the netherlands, canada and australia all told syrian diplomats to get out. >> this is the most effective way we've got of sending a message of revulsion of what has happened in syria. >> reporter: as the new video shows assad isn't getting the message. and syrian forces still vastly outgun the opposition. today brian the state department accused iran of aiding and abetting the pro-assad militia. activists say the militia is trained by iran and uses the same tactics that iran employed to crush its own rebellion. >> richard engel starting us off tonight, richard, thanks. >>> now to italy, a deadly 5.8 earthquake shook the region this morning. it was just north west of bologna. an area where another quake struck just over a week ago. and once again, our own jim maceda is there. >> reporter: brian, i'm a few miles from the epicenter of the 5.8 tremor which hit this area earlier th
why it is that the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. thank you. >> the big question this morning. how does obama win? >> president obama is out of ide ideas. he's out of excuses. and in 2012 it's time to make sure we put him out of office. >> our political round table is here this morning to weigh in. republican senator from new hampshire kelly ayotte and tom brokaw, and chuck todd, plus economist diane swan. >> good morngz. ohio and virginia is where president obama was yesterday officially kicking off his re-election bid. as we went through the features, we learn a lot about how the president is going to try to win. that is the big question. how does he do it? one, he makes the case for hanging on even in this tough economy. two, and you'll hear a lot of that, it is the contrast with mitt romney. he will try to misqualify romney as an acceptable alternative on the economy, and the economy is tough. look at the job numbers on friday. sluggish job creation is still a problem for this administration as they talk about that. with all that background, i sat dow
of his aspiration here, he wanted to kill the president of the united states. >> reporter: the documents also exposed cracks within the terrorist organization, world-wide. >> this shows an organization in decline, under siege and really feeling the pressure. >> reporter: the threat of al qaeda diminished with bin laden's death, experts say, but not gone. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >>> elsewhere the incredible drama of a blind chinese dissident complicates hillary clinton's visit to beijing. now china says chen guangcheng can apply to study abroad and a possible step toward resolving the diplomatic stand-off. chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: at 4:00:a.m., chen guangcheng answered a phone call from human rights activists as they meet with republican members of congress. he told them he wants to come to the u.s. to rest. he worries about his family and wants more help from hillary clinton. >> translator: i want to meet with secretary clinton. >> reporter: clinton said they need to address human rights. >> all governments do have to answer
of the united states can watch a rare type of solar eclipse, this happening on sunday. a ring of fire will radiate from behind the moon as it passes in front of the sun. the ring will be bright, you will need solar safe telescopes or projection methods to watch it. >>> here is how wall street will kick off the dow opens at 12,598 after falling 33 points yesterday. s&p down 5 points, nasdaq lost 19. overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei added 75 points, in hong kong the hang seng dipped 58. >>> fears greece will exit the eurozone have investors on edge. a greek judge was sworn in to oversee the interim government yesterday until new elections are held on june 17th. making matters worst the ur poon yae central bank stopped funding banks as customers drain the euros. investors fled to the safety of the dollar. >>> gold recovered 1% after falling to the lowest level since december yesterday. the new york times reports jp morgan chase has racked up another billion dollars in losses, stemming from the multi-billion dollar trading blunder as shareholders have begun suing the ban
into the united states was a different story. >> i looked up, because i am on the passenger side. i see officers running out and pulling their weapons. >> i said yes, they are coming after me. >> i look, and they are surrounding our car. >> while immigration check them out, they were detained for 2.5 hours at the border. cautious about taking any more trips outside the country, but wanting to, they planned a trip to the bahamas last year to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. this time, they got a letter from the state department saying that it's passport was valid. again, that had no problem getting into the bahamas, and they had a lovely time, but coming back home, they were detained at the border for three hours, even with the letter. >> you are not sure what to do, because people are coming and going and looking at you. >> they were finally allowed to leave and fly home. david made another attempt to clear his name with the secret service. they say he is an associate with the counterfeiting court 3 ring. >> i would just like to know how it came to be that my name was associated with th
it establishes the united states is a country that can use it intelligence in a very affective fashion. >> greenberg feels the commitment the united states made will help deter terrorist groups throughout the middle east. >> as the president discusses policy in afghanistan, those who lost loved ones thought about the human cost, and a local family turned their attention to assisting who wounded veterans. good >> the president's trip to afghanistan to mark the anniversary of osama bin laden cost debt is drawing attention in the region, of but family members say they think about the fight every day who, and loved ones are channeling that focus in to aid for wounded deathvets. >> he listed two days before the army deemed him too old. he said he was motivated by 9- 11. is what primarily motivated chris to join the military before his 47th birthday. >> he outperformed soldiers half his age, even setting a record for during 128 pushups in under a minute. >> he was a very physically fit guy and believed a healthy person starts with a healthy being, and ordered to have the ability to be health
away from allegations president obama was not born in the united states. >> i think the united states are pretty fed up. >> last year president obama released his long form birth certificate showing he was born in hawaii and this week they went after romney with a new ad critical of what they say is romney's all to stand up to trump and other gop elements. republicans say they are still focused on the central issues of this campaign, the economy and jobs. >> governor romney is not distracted. the republican party is not distracted. we believe that this is an american-born job killing president. >> that focused on jobs is evident in a new ad from the romney camp attacking the president for his support for renewable energy companies that later laid off workers. >> support is growing for speeding -- billboards to be placed on fire trucks. the city council held a hearing tuesday for two resolutions, one to allow the advertising and another to establish a committee to regulate the process. in all of the testimony, not one person was opposed. >> when i first heard about the bill i thought i
of students on their way home to the united states for the holidays. he was first accused of the bombing in 1991. after serving just 8 years, he was released because he was dying of prostate cancer. the judge defended the move as the right thing to do. >> based on the believes, i allowed him to return -- based on my believe so, i allowed him to return home -- based on my beliefs, a lot him to return home to die. >> that is a lot more than we got to do for our children and husbands. >> relations with the u.k. soured for a time. scotches authorities announced they were reviewing the evidence in the case searching for any clues for accomplices in the bombing. >> the lockerbie bombing has a lot of ties to maryland. tonight at 11:00 p.m., we will talk to the family of one of the victims. we took a trip to the race course this morning as crews started the big job of getting things into shape. a photo finish at the horse race. we will have more on the race ahead in sports. is still your press pass to the preakness. the other big event in maryland this weekend is the g-8 summit. hundr
. by the way, we could bring it back to the united states. nobody knows what's coming up in 2013. is there going to be a giant fiscal tightening with the bush tax cuts ending? with the temporary wage subsidies ending and other things? or are we going to have another stimulus? i don't think anybody knows. a lot of the uncertainty. >> let me ask you this. in terms of the tax situation in the united states, if we see the bush tax cuts expire, you've got capital gains taxes going up to, i don't know, 25%, you've got dividend taxes going from 16% or 17% all the way up to 43%. if that happens, do you think we get a market sell-off? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, i think that is not likely to happen, that's really jumping off the fiscal cliff. if it happened in the context of some great reform like bowls simpson or something that gets rid of a lot of the deductions, keeps the rates low, maybe raises them a little if the wealthiest taxpayers. if we get real reform that could help the market. if it looks like paralysis, we don't know what's coming in 2013, a lot of uncertainty out there. >> w
to act. we've already passed 30 jobs bills out of the house that are sitting in the united states senate. the house is going to act to extend the current tax rates, whether we make them permanent or we extend them for a year, that debate's still up in the air. we're going to do our work. it's time for the united states senate to do their work. >> in the last few weeks it seems like the pace of economic recovery has slowed quite a bit. a lot of people talk about europe, a lot of people talk about the price of oil. what's your take on where we are right now? >> i think the economy is slowing. and i would not be at all surprised to see it continue. why? look at what's going on in europe. it's having a very big impact on the united states. we've got record low interest rates. yet employers are scared. they're afraid to move forward. >> so can you explain to the american people what the gop would do, what's number one on the agenda, if in fact you get the white house in -- at the end of this year? >> i think dealing with the debt, dealing with our tax code, are the two really big issues. the
of this? >> the u.s. is unable to come to it because the fiscal deficit in the united states is already very high. and secondly, in terms of the u.s. economy, u.s. economy is now smaller than that of the european union. the second is, the consumer here is not going to be as is resilient as he or she was in december, january, february. i think there's going to be a slow-down. so the u.s. ability to help is also going to be tstrained. >> all of this has created a lack of confidence in terms of equities. the retail investor is upset again after this weekend, the whole facebook ipo fiasco. what kind of impact has that had in terms of confidence? has it made things more skittish? >> i do think that's one of the symptoms we continue to see, weak confidence with the investor. you look at p/es in the trading market, trading at depressed markets. fund flows continue to be negative, they're coming out of the equity market. and then you compare that to bonds. we already have record low yields for treasuries. even overseas with the bund, for example. it continues to weigh on investor confidence. >>
equity. you seem to recognize the experience the private equity. >> it's the leader of the united states. it's not the short-term return of profits to the few, but a long-term economy that creates jobs for the many. >> let's start down that road. why has unemployment come down? unemployment's come down? because participation in the workforce is at the lowest point it's been in three decades. people are retiring early because they can't find a job. people have given up looking. if you look at the gallup surveys, the number of those who are underemployed and quit looking is 19%. this is a disastrous administration, and candidly if you want to get into a fight over debt, from 47% in the economy to 74% in three and a half years. this is why obama will have a hard time this fall. he can't fight over jobs because he isn't creating them. he can't fight over debt, and he has policies that people find unacceptable and romney has a straightforward case. can you afford four more years of barack obama? can you afford four more years of this economy? and can you afford four more years of this kind of
're not in mexico. we're right here in the united states, in the state of utah in the shadow of zion national park. this federal agent thinks what's happening amounts to nothing less than an invasion of our country. >> internally, it's probably the greatest threat facing our nation today. >> frank smith is an assistant special agent in charge for the drug enforcement administration. >> this is one of the times the american people has to open their eyes and they have to realize the threat is around us. >> this is the threat smith is talking about, a drug war that has scarred mexico with death in the street a daily occurrence in cities like juarez. and with mill yonions of dollar drug profits a threat, it spreads the violence. and most of the cartel's profit an estimated 60% comes from marijuana. but now the cartels aren't just smuggling the drugs over the border anymore. they've actually moved their growing operations into the united states. and where are they planting, growing and harvesting billions of dollars worth of marijuana? believe toit or not, they're dog it in our national forests and on
they were protesting 11 years of unfair treatment. >> the united states is committed to accountability under law for those who have plotted to attack our nation and to kill innocent people. >> of these men have endured years of inhumane treatment and torture. it has had long-term affects and will ultimately affect every aspect of this military tribunals. >> of the judge agreed to hear a defense motion that could delay a trial for another year. they all face charges of terrorism, hijacking, and nearly 3000 counts of murder. if convicted, they could face the death penalty. >> still ahead, overfeeding and infant may be the result of a distressed parent. >> a cloudy pattern is keeping temperatures cool in the northeast. coming up, we make a touch of the southern heat. first, a live look out of doors. first, a live look out of doors. >> a couple says they were cheated out of thousands of dollars by a man they trusted to do some work in their apartment. >> the couple thought they had done everything right. after they paid their deposit, the contractor disappeared. >> he hired a contractor to insta
in the united states. it is because of what they experienced trying to return to the u.s. from canada. >> i looked up, i see officers running out and pulling their weapons. i look at him and say, "something is going down." >> i say "yeah, they are coming after me." >> tonight at 11:00, what put him on the wanted list and what he has done to clear his name. >> up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced. is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> today on "dr. oz, "transformation nation. one will walky away with $1 million. >> we will find out who you thought is the best and reflect what transformation means to you. we lost 3 million pounds as a nat
in the united states is genetically modified. this is a cringing factor. my real concern is all the hogger in the world. >> 25 members of occupy baltimore made the trip. they personally engaged locals. >> instead of talking about our differences, let's start by talking about everything in common we have. >> residents lined the streets to watch the spectacle. this man as documenting history. >> i am making a documentary about the summit. >> what are you going to do with the documentary? >> i do not know. show it to all my friends. it is very different. it is a little bit scary to let him do this, but i want to encourage this educational experience. i have mixed emotions. >> local businesses report only a slight uptick in sales. >> we had two customers. >> that is not typical? >> no. saturday is one of our better days. >> christine is having better luck. >> if this is history in the making. you have to have something to represent it. here we are. >> the cost of keeping the peace is about $20,000. >> we are trying to get a national security event so we can recruit -- recoup some of that money
church. >>> and tuna carrying contamination have arrived on the shores of the united states. the levels of radioactive cesium were ten times higher than the amount measured in tuna off the california coast in previous years. >>> researchers have captured a stunning image of a newly creat created molecule. it resembles the olympic symbol. and "travel and leisure" magazine has a new survey of cities in the u.s. with the best burgers. the number one city is providence, rhode island. philadelphia was ranked second. chicago came in third. >>> now here's an early look at one of your top health headlines. a new study finds the rate of kidney stone in the u.s. has almost doubled in the last 16 years. in 1994 one in 20 people had kidney stones. between 2007 and 2010 the rate jumped to one in 11. researchers say kidney stones are more likely for people with obesity, diabetes or gout but can be prevented by eating a healthy balanced diet. for more information check out the health page at >>> now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed ahead of the h
in the united states. parents should look before locking cars. >> rising mercury has parents like this new mother on high alert. >> we are always making sure she is ok. >> temperatures are in the 80's. for this baby, five and half weeks old, 10 minutes in a hot car could be fatal. >> i leave the air conditioning running before i put her in the car, or park in the shade. >> local agencies are teaming up with the national traffic kuwait city administration to fight hypothermia, which kills about 40 children every year in the u.s. >> how can you forget your kid? anything can happen, anything. >> it is not just a matter of leaving kids unattended either. >> you keep your car on. 3 or four years old, they are still too little. >> never think it cannot happen to you. >> i get really emotional and now, since i am a new mother. she is my number one thing i think about. >> taking care to make sure little moments like these are not cut short. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> the heat is still a danger today, as temperatures are nearing 90 degrees. not as h
in the united states. it is because of their experience try to return after a trip to canada. >> i woke up because i am in the passenger seat. i see officers running out. i looked at him and said, something is going down. >> i said they're coming after me. >> i looked and they are surrounding our car. >> i will tell you about the mixup that has david letterman on the wanted list and what he has done to try to -- david levin on the wanted list and what he has done to try to clear his name. >> the city owned hilton hotel continues to show losses. jane charges live with more down on the story. >> baltimore is lagging behind on attracting the business that fills hotels. the city hotel has shown losses since it opened in 2008. the development director said the losses are only on paper. >> the hilton baltimore convention center hotel is making a profit and has not cost the citizens of baltimore one penny. >> the hotel lost $11 million in 2010 and 11.5 million in 2011. the losses are due to items like depreciation and not real losses. >> they're not real losses, cash losses or losses that come ba
are this year's preakness will be very successful. >> people come from the mid- atlantic all across the united states. even globally. they expect certain things. my staff delivers. they are the ones that make these people happy. without them, it is our super bowl. it is our super bowl every year. they are the ones that make it a successful experience. >> did you always deliver, always so nice. -- they do always deliver, always so nice. the kentucky wet -- the kentucky derby winner is already at pimlico. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> it turned out to be a pretty nice day today. the high temperature hit 72 degrees today. high-pressure in control of the weather on the east coast. things will stay nice and quiet. some rain in the southern plains states, and some showers around minneapolis. those two systems will combine and give us a chance for some rain at the beginning of next week. skies are clearing right now. clouds have dissipated. the air is dry, so the temperatures will fall pretty quickly. . 71 in columbia, 66 in parkton. if you get away from the water and the city, the temper
telling them that united states is able to focus on new global challenges after a decade of war. he addressed to the 972 cadets today, praising them who are -- were just kids on 9/11 for making the commitment to join the military. >> the class of 2012, this is your destiny. to leave your country. you are the leaders of your generation. the 9/11 generation, which i predict will go down in history as the finest generation this nation has ever produced. >> that commencement ended with the traditional hat toss. a soldier who has been serving for almost a year made a surprise trip home to see her the sister graduate from high school. she arrived halfway through the ceremony and hidden behind the stage waiting for her little sister's name to be called. [applause] >> i was very surprised. i was kind of out of bed. -- of it. oh my, that's my sister. >> she did not tell one member of her family she was coming home. that is nice to see it. you know what is nice to see, a hot weekend for the unofficial start of summer. >> maybe we have a trend going. look deadg to take a a few thunderstorms th
the united states and its allies are one step closer to winding down the war in afghanistan. >> we reached agreement on the next milestone in that transition. we agreed that afghan forces will take the lead for combat operations next year. >> reporter: left unresolved out of that summit, the issue with pakistan over those supply lines. pakistan wants to charge the u.s. and nato an enormous amount of money to allow supplies and -- to get to the troops across the border. that did not get solved. matt? >> all right, chuck todd at the white house this morning. thank you very much. general colin powell, who served as secretary of state under president george w. bush made some headlines four years ago when he endorsed barack obama for president. he's out with a brand-new book called "it worked for me: in life and leadership." general, it's always nice to see you. welcome back to the show. >> thank you, matt. good to be back. >> let's talk about afghanistan. chuck just talked about it. here's what you said on "meet the press" two years ago. quote, we all hoped in 2001 that we could put in place i
can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> usa! usa! >> the news came out of nowhere. no one in this country was expecting it just as no one inside the bin laden compound was expecting u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s to arrive by helicopters. one image from that night has come to symbolize the mission. the photograph taken at the height of the raid by pete souza. >> there it is. there you are. >> here i am sitting right here. >> that's an intense look on your face. and everyone is intently watching that screen. >> this is -- if i'm not mistaken, this picture was taken right as the helicopters was having problems. you may not remember. that's what it feels like. i remember hillary putting her hand over her mouth at that point. >> when you look at it -- >> yeah. >> -- what does it conjure up inside you? >> that's usually the way i look when my husband drags me to an action movie. it was an extraordinary experience and a great privilege to be part of. >> when you see
make up the majority of birds in the united states. -- births. the report said that while whites will remain a majority for some time, a young bird generation is being born in which minorities will impact the political structure and economic structure. a jury in north carolina is hearing closing arguments today. the jury rested its case. the former president of canada is charged with using campaign funds to hide his affair and child. jury deliberations are set to begin tomorrow. good friends, but sunday night the gloves come off. next, we will ptaught lied about the season finale. patrick allen is here to answer your pet questions. >> plenty of sunshine, but we will watch this weather very closely over the next couple of days. >> things getting active by saturday. right now the sun is shining. >> in this afternoon's consumer alert, from clothing to computers, how do you know the products you buy are real? counterfeiters are becoming bolder with what they produce. consumer electronics and even flashlight batteries are the number one knockoff seized by federal agents. counterfeitin
. >> as scheduled, his family will be in the bleachers tuesday watching him received his diploma from the united states naval academy. >> i do not think i have been as proud of them as i have been in the last 12 months. the inner core of him, when the chips are down, you really see the true qualities of an individual. >> he will graduate alongside the friends who saved his life. he has no plans to go to law school. >> just having a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty is helpful in any walk of life. i think that will benefit from this experience. >> he plans to take the lsats in june and has applied to three law schools in washington, d.c. >> some much needed help to be on the way for parents trying to make sense of the paperwork associated with college financial aid. to a maryland centers are offering their support behind the understanding the true cost of college act. the legislation will require colleges to come up with a standard financial aid award letter. it would also help develop standard definitions of financial aid terms. that is good news for parents getting their children ready fo
crossing the border and had a great time. coming back in to the united states was a different story. it is a day that becky levin never forget. >> i looked up and i am in the passenger side and my son is in the back. officers are running out and pulling their records and i said, something is going down. >> i said they're coming after me. >> i look and they are surrounding our car. >> they were detained at the border for two and a half hours. cautious about taking any more trips outside the country but wanting to, they planned a trip to the bahamas last year to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. this time they got a letter from the state department saying his passport was valid. again, they had no problem getting into the bahamas and they had all lovely time. coming back home, they were detained at the border for three hours. even with a letter. >> your not sure what to do. people are coming and going and typing and looking at you. >> they were finally allowed to leave and fly home. david make another attempt to clear his name with the secret service. again, they say he is an
's debt prices with world leaders. >> the united states has a significant stake in the outcome of the economic discussions in europe. the european union is the largest trading partner of the united states. >> the possibility greece will exit the 17-nation years then, the president is expected to encourage stimulus measures like the ones he introduced in 2009 in hopes of jump starting the u.s. economy. he will then head to chicago. >> to pursue oil and all these other countries. >> where protesters are gathering. afghanistan tops the agenda as the president meets with the heads of states of more than 62 countries. >> the next up towards a responsible and the of this war, towards our achieving our goals in this effort in afghanistan. >> those goals include how to sustain afghan forces. >> if the next steps in the transition project -- their transition to the end of 2014 and beyond. >> u.s. officials say it will cost about $4 billion a year to help support afghanistan. >> these are very important events. while other two such distinct venues for these talks? >> this is a deliberate
-lose for the united states because the administration will be criticized for failing to stand up tall enough in defending him. >> there may no longer be a way to avoid offering chen political asylum if he wants it, which would escalate tensions with china. >> andrea mitchell starting us off from washington, thanks. >> last night on our "rock center" broadcast, we aired for the first time anywhere, the behind the scenes record what it was like for the government officials we saw in the photo from one year ago. the night osama bin laden was killed by u.s. special forces. from the president on down, they talked with us about the risks and the tension in the broadcast which by the way we're riaring tonight on nsnbc, and we learned more about what bin laden was up to in his final months and days in the compound in abbottabad. we report on the new documents discovered after his death and just released today. >> holed up in his compound, huddled against the cold, osama bin laden looked a far cry from america's most wanted terrorists. the documents seized in the raid revealed he was still intent on
. >>> the director of the united states secret service has spoken publicly for the first time since last month's misconduct scandal involving prostitutes in south america. and that hearings on capitol hill today, it was revealed that what happened there may not be the first instance of that kind of misconduct. our justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> director mark sullivan came to apologize for a scandal that has shaken the secret service but insists his agency has no cultural problem. the dozen agents who invited prostitutes to their hotel rooms did not place bn in skiert. but senators were highly skeptical it was an isolated incident. they reveal that secret service records contain three complaints of relationships with internationals. in 2002, at least three agents left after they were caught parties with underaged girls and one uniformed officer was fired. cartagena senator said could not be the only time agents misbehaved. >> this is like a wound to a body. we have to get in it, find out what happened, clean it out, and then let it heal. >> the committee also disclosed that th
creating 4000 jobs, maryland live stand-up to the creek is seen as of the united states. it will be the third largest in the country. >> we will be the third largest commercial casinos in the united states. >> the casino will offer electronic table games including blackjack, roulette, many bacharach, and others. there'll also be a massive buffet, a must for a casino. most of the slots and games will be available. >> 3200 machines will be available in the fall. in addition, five of the six will be operational. we will have the buffet, seafood, noodles. two weeks after the opening, then the cheesecake factory will open. >> the only concern were rumors coming out of annapolis concerning a possible sixth casino in prince george's county which they feel completely separate the market in maryland. >> having several strong competitors in the state, it will create weakness. we think the market cannot bear another casino in the area. >> the grand opening is june 6th that 10:00 and maybe you'll have better luck than i did. in anne arundel mills, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >>
reflected a variety of concerns. >> all the yellow corn grown in the united states -- all the corn grown in the united states is genetically modified. this is the primary reason for the dye off of honey bees in the country. >> instead of talking about our differences, let's start talking about everything in common that we have. >> thurmont residents lined the streets to watch the spectacle. >> i'm making a documentary about the g-8 summit. this is fun and cool. >> what are you going to do with the documentary? >> i just want to show it to all my friends. this is very different. it is scary as a mom to let him do thfment i want to encourage this educational experience. so mixed emotions for mom. despite the influx of visitors, local businesses report only a slight uptick in sales. >> we have had two customers. >> that's not typical for a saturday? >> no. no. saturday is usually one of ire better days. >> chris is having better luck with a touch of humor. >> i am thinking this is history in the making. got to have something to represent it. here we are. >> although uneventful, the cost of
threat to the united states. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel reports on one of the most violent days in a long time in yemen. >> reporter: the suicide bomber was disguised as a soldier. he tucked into a crowd at a rehearsal for a military parade, detonated a bomb and killed nearly a hundred people. yemen's defense minister narrowly escaped with his life. officials say it's likely the work of al qaeda in yemen. while the u.s. has decimated al qaeda elsewhere, the militant group has grown in yemen because the country hasn't had an effective government for a year. but the arab spring finally toppled the old president and the new president is trying to re-establish order and crack down on al qaeda. u.s. military officials tell nbc news the new president has dramatically increased government-sanctioned u.s. drone attacks in yemen and american counterterrorism training. al qaeda clearly doesn't want to be driven out. experts say al qaeda is fighting to make yemen its new safe haven. this yemeni bomb maker is one of the world's most wanted terrorists. accused by u.s. officials
isn't buying it. in a statement, secretary clinton said the united states will intensify pressure on, quote, assad and his cronies whose rule by murder and fear must come to an end. specifically, washington plans to lobby russia, one of syria's last remaining allies. the uk has also been sharply critical. >> we're absolutely sickened, and the british government and the entire community over what we've seen the last couple of days. >> reporter: in turkey today, activists protested in front of the syrian embassy. >> we are now facing a unified. >> reporter: while condemnations are building, immediate action against syria still seems unlikely. the united states has consistently opposed military intervention. critics say washington is hiding behind russian and chinese opposition, because military action would be too risky in an election year. so for now, washington is trying to rally an international anti-assad movement. it's a slow process. richard engel, nbc news, tel aviv. >>> to politics now. president obama and mitt romney are taking a holiday break from the campaign, at least publi
without its senior leadership, but we begin here with fresh evidence ofeft to attack the united states. the ci arx towahwarted a plot t detonate a bomb on a jetliner using a powerful explosive and a sophisticated new device intended to clear airport metal detectors. we're still learning more about this. it's where we begin with pete williams. >> american officials are saying tonight this is a big success story for international intelligence. detecting the device, monitoring it, and shutting it down. the target was to be a passenger airliner bound for the u.s. though officials say no specific flight had been chosen and no ticket had business purchased. the plot, they say, was to or originate in yemen. the plan was to use an upgraded version of the underwear bomb that was trided to set off on a christmas day flight of 2009. that failed to work and simply caught fire. he's now serving a sentence of life in prison. the latest attempt, officials say, including a different detonation system, but as with the earlier device, no metal parts. the u.s. is now evaluating whether the latest device
states. it is because of what they experienced trying to return to the united states during a trip in canada. >> i wake up, because i'm on the passenger side. our son is in the back. i see officers are running out and pulling their weapons. i look to him and say, "something is going down." >> i said, "they are coming after me." >> i look and they are surrounded my car. >> the mixup had david levin on the wanted list. what he's doing to try to clear his name. i'm lisa robinson reporting for the i-team. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. it is looking it is a little breezy as delays start to around the area. this accident is now clear that energy parkway. we are seeing some delays on the j.f.x., a 26 miles per hour down to the construction zone. old mill road in pasadena, watch for fire department activity. if you travel on westbound 100, we're starting to see a delay on our map. sky team 11 it is flying over the j.f.x. and it doesn't appear to be too bad at this hour. we will keep monitoring this
on this commitment 2012 report. >> the next president of united states, gov. mitt romney. >> of the largest christian evangelical university, he underscored his stance against gay marriage. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [applause] >> that line was a guaranteed crowd pleaser it liberty university founded by jerry falwell and located in the battleground state of virginia. the presumptive republican nominee's appearances a step in winning the ultraconservatives that have shunned him. >> if you compare him to obama, yes. by all means, we will side with him. >> president obama made history by publicly supporting gay marriage and was honoring the nation's top cops. with the people are alive today only because of these people. >> talking about civil rights but comparing >> we all know there are many serious injustice is crying out for our attention. we know this. >> two campaigns sharpening their lives in the fight for the website -- white house >> what will happen in this weekend's preakness? >> them live at the historic harbor house for what made the war of 1812 such a pivot
david, where president obama will address europe's debt crisis with world leaders. >> the united states has a significant stake in the outcome of the economic discussions in europe. the european union is the largest trading partner of the united states. >> the possibility greece will exit the 17-nation zone, the president is expected to encourage stimulus measures like the ones he introduced in 2009 in hopes of jump-starting the u.s. economy. he will then head to chicago -- >> to pursue oil and all these other countries. >> where protesters are gathering. afghanistan tops the agenda, as the president meets with the heads of states of more than 62 countries. >> the next step is for a responsible end of this war, towards our achieving our goals in this effort in afghanistan. >> those goals include how to sustain afghan forces. >> the next steps in the transition project -- the transition to the end of 2014 and beyond. >> u.s. officials say it will cost about $4 billion a year to help support afghanistan. >> these are very important events. what other two such distinct venues for these tal
an abortion based on the gender of the fetus. while that issue is quite rare in the united states, it is common in some asian countries. today the effort to pass that bill fell short. nikole killion has the details from washington. >> the measure was struck down, but not without a divisive debate over women's rights. >> the bill is not passed. >> house rejected a measure to ban abortions based on the sex of an unborn child. >> sex selection is violence against women and the truth kind of war against women. >> the bill would have made it a federal offense punishable with up to five years in prison for those who perform gender based abortion. >> it is criminalizing a doctor and the relationship between a patient and a physician. in this country, we have the right of choice. greg some lawmakers argue they are growing evidence of so- called sex selection in the united states. >> this undercover video was taken by an undercover group. >> i am not fooled and american women are not fooled. >> many democrats said they also opposed gender discrimination but accuse republicans of playing po
corn grown in the united states is genetically modified. this is a contributing factor to the die off of honey bees. >> my concern is all the hunger in the world. >> instead of talking about our differences, let's start by talking about everything in common that we have. >> baltimore residents lined the streets. >> i'm making a documentary about the g-8 summit this is fun and cool. >> what are you going to do with the dumetri? >> bring it to school and show it to my friends. >> this is very different. it is scary as a mom to let him do this, but i want to encourage this educational experience, so mixed emotions for mom. >> despite the influx of visitors, local businesses report only a slight uptick in sales. >> we have had two customers. >> and that's not typical for a saturday. >> no, saturday is one of our better days. >> i am thinking this is history in the making. have to have something to represent it. here we are. >> the cost of keeping the peace is about $20,000 for thurmont taxpayers. >> we are trying to get it designated as a national security event so we can recoup some of t
people protesting for a lot of reasons. >> all the corn grown in the united states is genetically modified. this is a real contributing factor to the die off of honey bes. my concern is all the hunger in the world. >> we're told across the city, about 20 grand to provide security this weekend. and to chicago take a look at the scene there today. thousands of people clashing with police as the 25th annual nato summit is being held. 45 protesters were arrested today but earlier this week three men were charged of planting large explosions during the summit. >> the church at one point, the codefendanted if they had ever seen a cop on fire. investigators say the suspects were making moltove cock tails for attack. targets included the campaign office. suspects were charged with criminal acts related to terrorists. lawyers claim the government tried to entrap the suspects. a big endorsement for same sex marriage proponents this weekend. the naacp says it is now backing gay marriage. the civil rights group voted at a leadership yesterday the baltimore based organization says it opposes a
, and has no bearing on the weather in the united states. these are the two systems that will keep our weather and settle. alberto is expected to stay well to the east of cape hatteras and become a tropical depression over the course of the next 48 hours, with winds diminishing to 30 miles an hour by wednesday afternoon. wednesday into thursday, the same basic weather pattern with storms popping up each afternoon. the threat is there for the next three days. 73-78 degrees tomorrow, weighs less than 1 foot. a water temperatures of for 60's and lower 70's. the forecast includes the memorial day weekend. temperatures above normal, getting back into the low 80's by thursday. scattered showers and storms tapering off with each passing day. 20% chance for friday. right now the weekend looks nice. >> the orioles returned home tonight, weather permitting, against the red sox. i will start the week with the best record in the american league, a two-game cushion and the first mile marker of the season, memorial day, as rider on the corner. italy amazing is what they have done it with. that have
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